What to Expect

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Whether it’s your first time in a dispensary or you just like to know what to expect from your visit, this page is for you

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CAHC Lobby

Check-in here!

We'll ask for your ID & Colorado MMJ Card.

Light Reading

Read about Colorado Alternative Health Care's story & how we came to be

We cater to YOU!

Only one person at a time is allowed at the budbar at a time. (If you have a caregiver, they're welcome too!)
Once called back, you'll head through here & to the last door on the left.

Just Chillin'

Have a comfy seat while you wait!

CAHC Budbar

Local Flower

Hand-trimmed, grown right next door, and loved the whole way though. How flower should be, plain and simple.

Oh My...

Pre-rolls, patches, salve, pills and more - they can put weed in just about everything these days!

nom nom nom...Gummies, cookies, popcorn, peanut butter?! Who said taking your medicine had to taste bad?

Just Chillin'

Quality concentrates, topicals, edibles and drinks in a variety of consistencies and flavors, from a variety of brands! All kept cool here & waiting for you.

The Basics

Your privacy is taken seriously

Cell phones, cameras, any recording devices of any kind are not allowed in the building.


Your data’s privacy is taken seriously

We do not sell any of your information, to anybody.

Walk-in or Online

Order how you prefer. If you’re new to cannabis or unsure about a product, we highly recommend coming to see one of our budtenders.

Valid 21+ ID Required

We require valid photo ID showing that you are at least 21 years old.


Cash Only

The only form of payment we accept is cold, hard cash.


Papers Please...

know it feels silly, but we need that ID & MMJ Card once at the door and once again at the bud bar.


The Good Stuff

We Know Weed

Please don’t touch!

Your budtender will show you all kinds of neat products, but please don’t touch until you are home!


We ❤️ Dogs

Bring your (well-behaved & leashed) furry friend in with you!

There are no stupid questions

Marijuana is shrouded in enough mystery – we’re here to help get rid of the haze.

Grown, Harvested & Trimmed Locally

All Colorado Alternative Health Care flower is grown, harvested and hand trimmed with love and care


The Inside Tips


Follow your nose when it comes to picking out marijuana flower or concentrates – it can’t read numbers and it doesn’t need to.


There’s no gold medal for eating 100mg in a single sitting (yet), find the dosage that works for you and your body.


THC binds to fat to be able to pass through your liver, make the most of your edibles on a full stomach with plenty of fats to bind to.

Still Have Questions?

Head over to our Learn page for more information about Colorado’s recreational marijuana laws and links to additional educational resources.

Looking for recreational cannabis?

It means take it easy!

For beginners we recommend consuming between half to two and a half milligrams of THC and waiting 45 minutes to an hour to see how it effects you.

Remember that the intoxicating effects from edibles can be delayed by up to four hours and last for up to twelve hours!