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Help save Colorado’s Medical Marijuana – copy and paste the below email to the Attorney General and the Governor!

To: Coag@coag.govGovernorPolis@state.co.us

Subject: Let courts decide on legality of HB21-1317 before patients are harmed – approve Wann V. Polis Preliminary Injunction

Dear Mr Weiser & Mr Polis –

At their December 15th, 2021 meeting, the Colorado Board of Health stated they believe that new Medical Marijuana rules resulting from HB21-1317 are in conflict with the Colorado Medical Practices Act. I agree with this and believe they will harm both patients and doctors if enacted.  On behalf of the 89,192 medical marijuana patients in Colorado, I ask you to tell the court to approve the Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction filed August 31, 2021 in the Wann V. Polis Et Al case to allow the courts to decide the legality of HB21-1317 before implementing the law.



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