Deliciously Decadent

Wow! Alternative health tastes great

Marijuana infused products, commonly referred to as ‘edibles’, provide a great option to patients who cannot or choose not to smoke their cannabis. Edibles come in many different varieties: baked goods, sodas, capsules, lozenges, drink mixes, many different forms of chocolate and even gummies.

Many patients choose to ingest their cannabis vs. inhaling cannabis. Some patients, such as those on supplemental oxygen, turn to edibles when smoking is no longer an option. For patients with eating and digestive disorders, edibles are not only a great source of nausea-reducing THC and CBD, but also a vital source of essential nutrients and calories for some. The same is true for cancer patients suffering from nausea. A few patients choose edibles because they are a more discreet way to medicate, while others simply prefer the longevity of effects when ingesting cannabis compared to the fast-acting effects of smoking.

Below is a small example of some of our most popular edibles.

A 200mg bag (approx 12mg per) of handcrafted delicious gummies. Convenient, consistent, effective and most of all, Tasty.

”Hemp Connoisseur 1st place winner” These amazing little treats are a must try!!! Key Lime, White Chocolate Truffles rolled in Graham Cracker crust are simply amazing and melt right in your mouth.

A great cannabis experience should begin with a feeling of certainty. With STRATOS immediate release tablets, not only can you expect a rapid onset of effects, but you can be sure your experience with Sleep, Relax and Energy will yield the same effect every time you enjoy them.We carry them in both the 300mg and 500mg bottles.

Artisan made sodas by Keef Cola are made with 100mg co2 extracted THC and have been making beverages since the industry’s beginning in Colorado, no wonder they were “1st Place Edible in the 2015 Cannabis Cup”